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arbbh 6


Ho! Hamsters! To anyone who hasn't ever read these comics, these words mean nothing. To someone who has, well, they still don't mean much. I didn't really know much about these comics, except they really appealed to my (warped) sense of humour, but I have since gained some valuable information...more later. They started in about 1986 and were written by Don Chin with Parsonavich doing the art work. I have Issue #1, which is a good read even if the art work is a bit on the rough side (no offence meant to Parsonavich). I'm unfortunately missing Issues #2-5, but I have Issues #6-9, where the artwork was done by Sam Keith & Sam De la Rosa and is excellent. I've been trying to find out some more information on this comic for years, and I recently received some incredibly useful mail - see the correspondence page to find out more.

This is a great comic, that starts off with the hamsters - Bruce, Chuck, Jackie and Clint (if you can't guess at the names, move on) - as NASA trained hamsters sent to destroy Radioactive Cosmic Jello. They do so, getting shot back to earth by the explosion, mutated by the Jello, taken in by monks and trained in martial arts. Basically a take off of TMNT. In the later issues I have, they take on the PLO (Pot Luck Organization), Toe-Jam Monster from Atlantis, Infidel Castro and winds up with Bruce being killed, and the other hamsters being scattered world wide. Issue #9 was the last issue produced as far as I know.

I know that Don Chin is in Real Estate (and runs Express Press part time with his wife) and Parsonavich is a Boilermaker (well, so I've been told by DC). Sam Keith did "The Maxx" for MTV (I worked that out when I noticed that the evil character in "The Maxx" looked very much like Infidel Castro from arbbh).

I'm still trying to find out more, so email me if you can shed more light on the comics or know where I can get the missing issues or have info on contributors - where are they now type stuff.


I have now got Issues #2-5, plus the 4 3-D comics and ARBBH Massacre The Japanese Invasion, purchased from Comics Warehouse. The only comics I am now missing are the seperate Clint comics, the "guest" appearances they have made in other comics, and I believe there were some non-Eclipse ARBBH comics.

At some stage soon I will update the site with a bit more about the comics, as I now understand a bit more of what was going on. Even all these years later, I still devoured these comics as soon as they arrived - I don't know whether my boss appreciated it though...

More News - 30 May 2006

Yes, I need a news page - it's being worked on. Anyway...

Heard from Don again - there are Hamster rumblings on the horizon (lovely mental picture that one). Anyway, this site is now the official unofficial fan site. Don's sent me a bunch of PDFs of old ARBBH issues and some other items of interest (see the downloads page) as well as some artwork.

There are plans to update the site and I'm trying to convince Don to set up a blog that I can link too.

More soon hopefully...

Oh, and just for those who get a little - shall we say - confused... This is a fan site. I am not Don. I did not write the comics, I just read them...